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We Believe Everyone Deserves Access to Healthy, Green Solutions

The EarthGen Alliance helps green solution providers share their gifts with the world. We provide urgently-needed financial, technical, and marketing support so our partners can focus on what they do best: solving big problems and making life better for People and the Planet. 
Our Vision: Wellness, Oneness & Sustainability

Our Mission: Help People and the Planet Benefit from Healthy, Green Solutions

Our Values: Consciousness, Collaboration, Creativity and Regenerative Stewardship

Learn About Great New Green Solutions:

How We Make a Difference

We work as a hub, bridging the gap between solution providers, financial supporters, and beneficiaries...

Solution Providers

If you have a green solution you’d like to monetize and share with the world, we’ll help you find the financial, technical and marketing resources you need. Whether you are an inventor, practitioner, formulator or wisdom keeper, we are here to help you serve the greater good.

Financial Supporters

If you are blessed with the financial capacity to serve the greater good, we’d love to have you join us as a Sponsor, Donor, or Social Investor. Your generous support will have maximum positive impact, since we work with solution providers who have the capacity to help many People and the Planet.


If you are looking for healthy, green solutions, we’re here for you. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones achieve greater health, happiness and self-reliance. You’ll be amazed at how many solutions are available to help People and the Planet in a natural, regenerative way.

Local and Global Solutions That Keep on Giving

EarthGen solutions are designed to build long-term self-reliance and financial independence rather than short-term, temporary relief.

Here are examples of local and global beneficiary projects that need your support:

Green Innovations for Drought-Stricken Farms in California

California feeds most of the nation and much of the world, and is suffering from its worst drought in over 1,000 years. Your support is urgently needed to help EarthGen deploy water-saving frequency systems and other agricultural innovations to small, organic farms in drought-stricken California. With your support, EarthGen will be able to provide water-saving, crop-enhancing solutions to organic farmers who help feed local communities through farmers markets and CSA subscriptions. These will help save water while improving soil health, crop yield, and nutrient density of fruits, vegetables, eggs, poultry, milk, and other plant and animal products. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss becoming a sponsor, donor, or impact investor. Learn More >>

Eco-Agricultural Solutions for Ghana

EarthGen has been invited to support humanitarian needs in northern Ghana. We will be integrating partner solutions to improve water quality, food production, clean energy, sustainable housing, and health. We’ll also be providing education and outreach so villagers can benefit from our solutions long after our pilot project ends. Please contact us if you are in a position to support this project in any way. You’ll be helping to leave a legacy of compassion and self-reliance for many generations. Learn More >>

You can easily support the work of our members and partners who are committed to helping People and the Planet. Please contact us to discuss support. Thank you for caring and sharing!

Upcoming Programs and Events


Your generous support will help us launch many important programs and projects to benefit solution providers as well as local and global communities:

EarthGen Academy – Our flagship education and outreach program will include online and onsite classes and workshops to help EarthGen members and sponsors share their gifts with the world.

EarthGen Innovation Center – Our living laboratory will allow us to research, develop, integrate, test, evaluate and demonstrate partner solutions before deploying them to our retreats, farms and eco-communities.

EarthGen Retreat Network – Our eco-holistic retreat network will provide venues for EarthGen practitioners and faculty members who wish to offer retreats, workshops or hands-on demonstrations.

EarthGen Farms and Eco-Communities – Organic farms and eco-communities (at or near our retreats) will support healthy food production, revenue generation, and real-world demonstration of member/partner innovations.

EarthGen Studios – Multimedia support (at or near our retreats) will include photography and video production so members and sponsors can monetize and share their gifts through videos, webinars, live streaming, digital product development, etc.

EarthGen Financial Network – Philanthropic and impact investment opportunities for our financial supporters. Access to grants, scholarships, contracts, social investments, humanitarian funds and other financial resources for our members & joint venture partners.

Focusing on Solutions



Many of our solution providers have innovative technologies or formulations to improve wholesome food production. These can eliminate hunger and are ready for commercialization now.


Affordable, sustainable housing can be easily provided anywhere in the world, thanks to innovations developed by some of our solution providers.


Many of our solution providers have devoted their lives to helping people access clean, fresh water. With so many areas suffering from drought and/or pollution, it is critical that we get these solutions out to the world now.


We have unique business models and innovations to help our solution providers, benefactors, and beneficiaries achieve financial success and sustainability.


The world needs sustainable energy solutions more than ever before. We have incredible, game-changing energy innovations ready to transform the planet for good.


With so many pollution problems facing the world, our partners feel great urgency to commercialize their environmental clean-up solutions.


It seems everyone we know and love is at risk for serious health problems. Simple, affordable and amazingly effective solutions already exist in our network. Let’s help get them out there!


Some of our partners are devoted to spiritual transformation. They can help bring peace, happiness and oneness to you, your loved ones, and the world.

Join the Alliance:

Win-Win Partnerships

Are you a green solution provider ready to share your gifts with the world?

Or a financial supporter ready to leave a lasting legacy?

Or, are you a potential beneficiary wanting to learn more about healthy, green solutions?

If so, we’re here for you.

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About EarthGen

The EarthGen Alliance is a Social Impact Accelerator devoted to Wellness, Oneness and Sustainability. We help green solution providers share their gifts with the world, solving local and global challenges in the process. Instead of competing with service-minded individuals and organizations, we collaborate with them to manifest our shared visions of service to people and the planet. We promote win-win business models and regenerative stewardship, so all stakeholders (including Mother Earth) benefit for the long term.

EarthGen Alliance (EGA) is an approved initiative of the EarthGen Foundation and the Inland Empire Conservation Corps, a 501c3 non-profit organization.

The only thing you take with you when you’re gone is what you leave behind.

-- John Allston


Thank you for considering a tax-deductible donation to help EarthGen bring healthy green solutions to the world. Please feel free to contact us regarding support or any other matters: hello at earthgen dot org; 805-669-8452.