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Eco-Agricultural Solutions for Ghana

In Ghana, EarthGen has been invited by a respected village chief to help transform one of the poorest regions in the country to a thriving, self-reliant, eco-agricultural community. We are very honored to be participating in this project.

Currently, the village lacks adequate fresh water, food production, housing, energy, and healthcare. Women and children walk miles to retrieve fresh water from sources that are used by animals and full of pathogens. Farmers struggle to work heavy soils without tools or irrigation. Children walk long distances to attend school, and sit outdoors on the dirt for classes. Pregnant women are transported long distances by bicycle or motorbike to deliver babies on dirt floors without the benefit of medical supplies.

Instead of raising funds for short-term relief, EarthGen is raising funds to deploy proven solutions that will improve food production, water quality, health, and financial capacity for decades to come. We are working closely with solution partners, financial supporters, and village representatives to determine which of our partner solutions will best fulfill their needs.

Our partners’ frequency-based fluid conditioners have been shown to significantly improve crop yield, nutrient density and soil health while conserving water and discouraging pathogens at the same time. These innovations will help local farmers grow massive amounts of fruits, vegetables, poultry, dairy, and livestock naturally, with less effort. Thanks to higher yields and improved vitality of crops (and animal products), farmers and their families will have more than enough to fulfill their own nutritional requirements as well as sell or export to others. EarthGen will participate in local training programs and joint ventures to help promote financial growth in the local community.

Similarly, the scalable water treatment plants use frequency technologies to transform brackish or highly polluted fresh water into clean water suitable for drinking or irrigation. Small, transportable systems will be built for towing from village location to location. Eventually, larger systems will be built to serve larger community populations and support aquaculture and aquaponics. Fish culture offers tremendous potential for improving local nutrition and village economics, since fish is in high demand locally and for export.

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